A pet is more than just that ...
it’s a member of the family.

At Creature Comforts Pet Services, our philosophy of gentle, nurturing animal care comes from a lifetime of owning and loving a variety of pets.

Our understanding of the daily physical and emotional needs of our furry friends carries the comfort of letting you get on with your busy day. We offer reliable services that can be customized to suit your needs. For your peace of mind, Creature Comforts Pet Services has been operating since 2009 and is a licensed business. Kelly also holds her certificate in Pet First Aid.

Meet Kelly, Leader of the Pack

Kelly Vlaar Kelly has owned and loved pets of all kinds, all of her life. She has a special place in her heart for her cats (Sushi, Tuna and Shrimp), her blind pug named Bugzy, and her puggle, Daisy. Both dogs served as therapy dogs for a period of five years, bringing much joy to the community. Owning Creature Comforts Pet Services was a long-time dream of Kelly’s!

Contact Us Today!

Contact Us Today!
If you are in the St. Catharines area:
Call: 905-932-1167
Email: creaturecomforts@cogeco.ca

Contact Us Today!

Last Minute Service

With less than 12 hours notice, we can still help! Give us a call for your last minute service needs. An additional charge of $5 will be applied.

Medication Administration

Does your pet have special medical needs such as vitamin or medicine administration? Not a problem! Simply add $5 to your service.

After Hours Service

Life can get very busy, but we are here to help! An additional $5 will be applied to any service if provided before 9am or later than 5pm, or on weekends/holidays.

Home Sitting Service

Away on business or vacation but have no pets staying at home? We’ll turn on/off the lights, bring in the mail, water indoor plants, adjust the thermostat, and anything else you need for a worry-free getaway. $20/visit


Degus owned by Heather Davis

"Kelly has consistently provided phenomenal dog walking and pet sitting services for all of my pets… and my pets are not the easiest to look after! I have 'special needs' guinea pigs, degus, and two senior Australian shepherds that need an experienced handler for walking, medicating, and feeding special diets. I don't feel guilty leaving my pets behind in her kind and gentle care! Her text message updates and the detailed journal she leaves behind after each visit allow me to truly relax while I'm away. Creature Comforts goes above and beyond the 'typical' pet sitting service while still being affordable."
- Heather Davis, St. Catharines, Ontario

Brandy the Golden Doodle

"We have been using Creature Comforts Pet Services for years and are so happy we found them! Kelly provides a responsible, safe and loving home for our fur-child Brandy. We have peace of mind when we go away, knowing our pup is being wonderfully taken care of!"
- Lexi Robinson, St. Catharines, Ontario (owner of Brandy the Golden Doodle)

Quinnie the Pug

“The first time that we left Baby Quinnie with Creature Comforts Pet Services, we couldn't have been more relaxed knowing that our girl was being cared for in a loving, professional, and welcoming environment.  Thank you so much for giving us the peace of mind to enjoy our vacation and to know that Quinnie will most certainly enjoy her next stay.”
- Marni and George Dubiel, St. Catharines, Ontario (owners of Quinnie the Pug)

Daisy Doodlebug

“Kelly has been taking care of our Daisy (aka Doodlebug) since 2012. Kelly and her family treat our little Daisy like one of their own. Daisy even sleeps with Kelly, on her head “protecting” Kelly while she sleeps. Kelly is an amazing person and we have great respect for how well she takes care of Daisy.”
- Theresa Lewis, Vineland Ontario (owner of Daisy Doodlebug)

Cocoa owned by Nancy Taber

"Kelly and her family took wonderful care of our young dog, Cocoa, for her first overnight away-from-home stay. Cocoa's initial excitement to see us when we picked her up quickly turned to indifference, demonstrating that she was in no hurry to leave! It is great to be able to go away and know she is in good and caring hands. Cocoa now has two packs – our family and Creature Comforts!"
- Nancy Taber, St. Catharines, Ontario

Willie owned by Tanya Amyote

"Kelly and her family have provided outstanding care to our two cats and two pugs on many occasions, and sometimes on very short notice. It gives us great peace of mind to know that when we can't be with our zoo, they're still in great hands. Thanks Kelly!"
- Tanya Amyote, St. Catharines, Ontario

Riley owned by Cindy VanBeek

"Creature Comforts is the perfect solution for a dog with severe separation anxiety. Riley feels completely at home with Kelly and her family. I don't worry about him - he becomes part of their pack!"
- Cindy VanBeek, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Penelope and Riggs owned by Tara Cheeseman

"Kelly is professional, passionate and caring. Creature Comforts is not just a pet service, it's peace of mind! My two pugs, Penelope and Riggs, love her belly rubs, kisses and playtime. They love her as much as they love me!"
- Tara Cheeseman, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Mackie owned by Loretta Graf

"My family vacationed in Niagara Falls, Canada, and we needed a place for our dog, Mackie, to stay. Kelly was very accommodating, and she gave me peace of mind. Mackie was well-cared for and became a brief member of her family. I recommend Creature Comforts!"
- Loretta Graf, Brenan, Ohio, USA

Marley and Peanut owned by Julie Lee

"I am so grateful for Creature Comforts because it took a lot of stress off my day knowing that Marley and Peanut were walked - especially in the harsh winter! The daily diary was a great touch and I have and will continue to recommend Kelly!"
- Julie Lee, St. Catharines, Ontario

Crystal owned by Melissa Swatzell

"I am still amazed that Crystal felt so comfortable at Kelly’s house - she isn’t even that way at my mom’s! As a special needs dog, I’m so incredibly thankful that I found Kelly to care for our precious baby."
- Melissa Swatzell, Cedar Springs, Michigan, USA